How Steven Gerrard Influenced Me

Adhi Waluyo
4 min readNov 16, 2018
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Steven Gerrard is the best football player for me. He is the example of a player to be all-out in every game, showing a great determination from time to time. Coming from Liverpool FC Academy, he managed to have a long stint in Liverpool FC with and took the role as captain from 2003 until his last appearance for the club. These are his characters which influenced me in life:

1. Loyalty
It’s a rare thing nowadays for a professional football player who feels that he’s the best player in the club wants to stay long enough. Many players want to challenge themselves in a new environment and have teammates which also top class. In the 2000s, Liverpool won 7 trophies, a small amount for a big club. He also got offered by Chelsea manager at that time, Jose Mourinho, to join his side (additionally, he also rejected Bayern Munich and Real Madrid).

“The satisfaction of one title with Liverpool, no matter how long it took, would always eclipse three or four at Chelsea. Ultimately Stevie realized that.” — Jamie Carragher, ex Liverpool teammate.

It’s getting worse in the 2010s where Liverpool only won 1 trophy and almost winning the English Premier League (EPL) for the third time. His dream to win an EPL trophy with Liverpool has vanished, it’s very important to him since it’s the only trophy in England which he never achieved. He once thought of leaving Liverpool for better chances of winning trophies and self-development. It’s logical since he belongs to one of the few world-class players which Liverpool had at that time.

I believe that time frustrates him well enough, not to mention the certainty of him making up his way elsewhere with better teammates, especially in his prime. However, he managed to find his call, which makes him stay only in one English club. As a local boy, he gets full support from the fans and his teammates looked up to him. He controlled his ego not to only satisfy himself, realized that football is more important and showing it by winning the heart of million Liverpool fans.

2. Willpower
There are two football matches which I won’t ever forget. The first one is the 2005 Champions League final, where Liverpool faced AC Milan in Istanbul. It’s a surreal match and often hailed as the greatest final, because of Liverpool come back from 3–0 down in the first half. Liverpool scored 3 in the second half, later won the penalty shootout. Then, the FA Cup final in 2006 where Liverpool encountered West Ham. Liverpool was down 3–2 until the 90th minute and managed to make it 3–3 in the extra time. The final result, Liverpool won the FA Cup.

Steven Gerrard played an important role in those games. He scored the first goal against AC Milan, which became the catalyst of Liverpool’s resurrection in the game. In the FA Cup final, he scored a beautiful volley in the extra time. His determination was impeccable, he’s capable of making big impacts in crucial moments.

“You’ve got to try to anything in your power to get results.” — Steven Gerrard on captaincy.

3. “Action Speaks Louder”
When Steven Gerrard announces his retirement, many world-class footballers pay homage to him. Most of them admire his skills, attitude and how they have enjoyed facing one of the greatest midfielders. His consistency had brought him to this level, where not many footballers can’t achieve.

“As a teenager, I fulfilled my childhood dream by pulling on the famous red shirt of Liverpool, and when I made my debut against Blackburn Rovers in November 1998, I could never have imagined what would then follow over the next 18 years. I feel lucky to have experienced so many wonderful highlights over the course of my career. I am proud to have played over 700 games for Liverpool, many of which as captain, and to have played my part in helping the club to bring major honors back to Anfield, none more so than that famous night in Istanbul. At an international level, I feel privileged to have won 114 England caps and to have had the honor of captaining my country. I will always look back with great pride at every time I pulled on the England shirt. I feel very fortunate to have had the career I’ve had but none of it would have been possible without the support of so many people.” — Steven Gerrard on retirement.

Photo: Liverpool FC

It’s an interesting experience for me to follow his journey. I’ll always remember his effort in making a difference which has influenced me, also how he motivated his teammates to keep their heads up. Now, he becomes one of the reasons for youngster to play football, a legend for Liverpool FC and his country.